Toshiba tv, no colour!

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Toshiba tv, no colour!

I have been touching up an old toshiba 19" rotary dail tuner tv set for a friend, the picture is amazing for its age (1983) it is comparable to the new tvs. I adjusted the vertical and the horizontal and re-aligned the yoke and got the image centered properly. after i had it all together i was watching it for a while and it was perfectly fine. the next morning i went to power it up to make sure the glue i used on the yoke had set properly. On the good side the glue set perfectly, but when i powered it on the screen came up normaly then i heard a pop and all the colours were gone. i opened it up and examined the main board. R516 was burnt out, i do not know the value of it because the colored bands were burnt off. also the resistor was right next to the ic that controlls the luminance, the vertical and horizontal oscilators, the crystal driver, and the demodulation of the video signals. i dont think the ic is gone because the picture is still crystal clear and perfectly alligned, but there is no colour. what else could it be, i notices a small variable capacitor there, could it be that?
I have only encountered a tv loosing one or two colours, not all! none of the controlls work, and the colour driver transistors on the tube socket check out fine. any idea on a sollution?
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1. Toshiba made quite a few models in 1983.
2. It's 21 years old ! Thats like 170 in human years.

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The TV was working fine before you put glue on it. Try reversing the process like un-glueing and maybe it will go back to normal?? Go to a tv shop and ask them to borrow you a schematic or if they can look up the value of that resistor.

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