DVDs 'Freezing'

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Question DVDs 'Freezing'

My Mom borrowed a DVD from me the other day and as she was watching it, she said it 'froze up' about 7 times. By this, she meant that the DVD stopped on a certain frame and wouldn't allow her to advance, rewind, etc. The only way to fix was to go back to the menu and skip to the next chapter. It got to the point that she just shut it off and gave up.

Can someone tell me what causes this and how or if I can fix it. Her DVD player is no more than 1-2 years old and has been used about 5 times.

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the dvd may be dirty or scratched. clean the disc from the inside to the outside with a clean cotton rag. my dvd acts up like that every once in awhile, but the culprit here may be just a dirty dvd disk.
good luck, snuffs
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Good tip snuffs...just going to add my 2 cents here...I always clean my dvd lens as well. They're inexpensive and you can get them at any Walmart. I perfer the ones with a liquid cleaner. A clean DVD is a happy DVD player :-)
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fyi, unlike records, you want to clean a dvd/cd form the center to the edge. dvd/cd players can handle this type of scratch easier than a circular scratch.
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Yep, whenever I've had that problem, it was due to the disc. There are many different cd cleaners, I got a disc doctor. Works great. You just spray some saline water on the disc, put it in the doctor, spin it around(much like a fishing reel), and voila, a clean cd(they should hire me as their spokesman

If its a scratch, those can be taken care of with by a chemical most cd retailers sell that will fill it in. Some people say to use toothpaste to fill in a scratch, but I can tell you thats a bad idea. Toothpaste is water soluable, so will eventually dry out, then usually fall onto the lens or into your unit. I picked up a scratch repair kit for $7(USdollars) and it worked great on a couple of my sons dvds, and he's 4, so he's pretty rough on them. \

Hope that helps.
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Also keep in mind that DVDs have layers and most players will pause for a bit while it changes to the next layer.

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