Fix or Ditch?

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Fix or Ditch?

We recently inherited an NEC PJ-4850 big screen tv that was up until this spring was working. Now when turned on the picture appears for a little while and then quickly fades out. The only thing that appears is a series of zigzag white lines. I can adjust the picture, but all I get is reddish screen with a slight image filled with zigzag red or pink lines. Adjusting the other controls does virtually nothing on the picture quality and the zigzag lines still remain no matter what I try. Also, when turned off the settings revert to the default. So my questions are 1) What would cause this type behavior? 2) Is it fixable and what kind of costs am I looking at? 3) How old is this thing? I can;t find any information on this tv at all.
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Sounds like your tuner is going out, I don't know about the costs but in my area it is $60.00 just to get someone to walk in the door. Ask you’re self if it is worth fixing something on a TV that might just brake something else in a month or two? I would save that $$$ and then save up for HD TV 2006 is just right around the corner.
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I like your liberal use of the term "zigzag".
NEC no longer makes TV's and haven't for quite a while.
There is no support anymore for original parts if you need them.
Your problem could be the RGB output on one of the CRT sockets.
There are three in your TV. If you where to disconnect (pull off) the CRT socket one at a time with the other two connected while observing the picture this might help you isolate the CRT socket that is offending.
Please use caution and common sense when doing this.
This repair should not be attempted by someone that is unfamiliar with the voltages that are present.
Although the repair might involve the replacement of a $1.00 part
You might be better off at this point replacing the old set as it over 15yrs old.
Most projection TVs do not last that long but NEC built an exceptionally good TV as with their other products. They decided that instead of competing with the low end junk that was coming out of Korea and the Pacific Rim to keep their well deserved reputation and get out of the TV manufacturing business.
By theway NEC stands for Nippon Electric Company. Those Japanese new how to build a good tv. We can thank the Korean's and Pacific Rimmers and all the hordes of WALLYWORLD buyers for driving quaility out of the TV manufacturing business.
Its like the VCR where you would buy one for $300 and it would last 10years.
Now they are like toasters and you buy one every year for $30.
When you shop for a new set keep that in mind. It's the same philosophy with LCD or PLASMA Screens.
Start with quality and see how much you can cut out and paste together to make it work for a while (90days- warranty ) so the shelves of Cosco and WallyWorld are full. If you play that game make sure you get the $350.00 extended warranty and get a new one every 3 years before the extended warranty runs out. That is the premium you pay in lieu of quality.

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