'84 Sony Trinitron makes popping noise. End of life?

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Question '84 Sony Trinitron makes popping noise. End of life?

Hi there everyone. I feel really bad about asking for help here even though I have no expertise to give to others, but I have been really stumped by this problem. I just hope that some of you don't mind writing back and clueing me in. It would be much appreciated!

So the problem is this, we have a 1984 Sony Trinitron tv that works just perfect until recently. The TV has been moved to different physical locations in the house, but the solid wood box has protected it well thus far. No dropped tv, or anything like that. Just a week ago, our Panasonic TV just happened to quit on us (tube fried) so we decided to go back to the Sony. Plugged it in and it was working fine for about a day. Then one morning, while it was on, there was a loud popping sound. If I had to guess, it would be an arcing sound. The picture kinda flashed a little. So we freaked and unplugged the unit. My parents didn't want the danger of the tube exploding or whatever. So we unplugged it and put it to the side.

Flash forward to tonight. I felt adventurous and decided to open up the back and clean out the dust. There was a lot, mind you, and I felt fairly accomplished afterwards. So I plugged the unit back in and turned it on. The picture came up fine, and everything was dandy. Until 20 seconds later, two loud pops in succession. I had failed in troubleshooting the problem and am just annoyed that the TV seems to be failing, but it still gives a nice picture. Any ideas as to what the problem may be? And worst case scenario, how much would it cost to repair? Better to just buy another tv? Two tvs out of commission and relying on a RCA now... *crosses fingers* Thanks for reading!
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I'd just thank it for 20 good years and buy a new one. Plus, be honest, if you sat a new Sony next to it on the same channel, would the old picture quality really look that good? Not worth the house fire!
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your set may be arcing from the high voltage lead to the anode.try replacing the suction cup, and some corona dope around the tube where the suction meets the tube.caution:high voltage is present even when the set is not powered up.take a long wire and wrap it around a screw driver.place the open end to ground, then take the screw driver to discharge the the tube at the anode. reverse the proceedure to hook it all up.

good luck,snuffs
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yeah sounds like the tube is arching at the anode. disgharge it and clean of the area, sometimes dirt gets in and stops the suction cup from sticking, this has happened to me before. if that doesnt work get some corona dope and use that to insulate it.
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Thanks snuffs, Terahertz, and dcolucci for the quick replies! I shall trying giving it a shot. My additional question is where can I buy this corona dope? And how generously should I apply it to the suction cup area? Thanks again!

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