I'm Ready to Fix my Toshiba TP55G60


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I'm Ready to Fix my Toshiba TP55G60

I have a 55" big screen Toshiba projection Television, model TP55G60 over a year and a half ago, one day I turned it on, and after being on for about 2 minutes it shut off by itself, I turned back on, and it came back just to shut off itself rapidly. and the light in the power button was blinking red.

I must admit that I've never used a power strip with surge protector for it.
And I'm planning on using one from now and on, hopefull it'll help minimizing the occurance of this problem.

I called several repair shops to find out repair estimates, which were around $300. Since it was too much for me to pay, I bought a small used TV set and that's what I've been watching since.

A couple of days ago, I realized that there must be some information on the internet about fixing my big screen TV, and that's how I found this forum, I've read several entries to problems related to Toshiba TV sets, and some of them apply to the simpthoms of mine.

According to what I've read, there's one bad IC STK192-110, but it's recomended to replace both. I opened the back of my TV and it took me less than five minutes to remove the board located in the left side by unscrewing three screes on the back of the board and removing all the cables, I marked them, even thought they are unique for each jack were they connect on the board.

Also since my TV is kind of old, and at least a couple of times I saw the fish eye efect on the display, I've read that I would need to replace the IC LA7833S and a 3.3 Ohms resistor I wonder were these ones are located.
Should the whole board where this IC is located resoldered in weak solder areas, would that fix the problem?

I called around to the electronic part suppliers in Phoenix, AZ, and they have them for $9.50 in one shop. They didn't have the LA7833S, instead they have the LA7833 for $2, two bucks, I wonder if they are the same.

I plan on taking the circuit board to someone with experience to do it for me, and then I'll reinstall it. It should save me lots of money.

Also, I've been checking and printing the Toshiba service pages, to find out the reasons of the TV shutting down. A help to someone who knows how to read diags. There are 15 pages in total for this subject... Just replace the number 1 to 15 after "sg" in "Mod1sgxx", where xx is 1 to 15.


I want to thank all the TV Technicians who have colaborated in posting the solutions for individuals to take care of this problem ourselves.

I'll keep you posted how it goes.

Eddie in Arizona.
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Way to go Eddie.
You have researched and prepared yourself for fixing your tv the right way.
Good luck
service people are more inclined to help those that help themselves.
Great link
it explains quite alot on how tv's work.
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Thumbs up thanks for the internet

I want to thank the original poster for taking the time to submit his findings. I had the problem of the blinking standby light and no sound or picture with my Toshiba TP55G60. I replaced both STK392-110, with STK392-110K (the K is the same part only much cheaper but still labeled Toshiba) and the TV now works perfectly. If it wasnt for this site and eddie, I would have spent much more money or possibly trashed this TV. Instead, I spent $40, a couple of hours work, and the TV might be good for another 9 years.

The internet is a wonderful thing!


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Angry Replaced STK192-110's, picture stays on for 5min, goes black?

az-eddie, zig-zag, Steve -- Did as az-eddie suggested, replaced both STK192-110's. Blinking light went away, picture comes back for about 5 to 10 minutes. Picture then goes black - no sound - no blinking light. Seems like power is on, hit power switich twice (Off - On) Picture, sound come back for 5 - 10 minutes, goes black - no sound - no blinking light again, repeat - repeat - repreat???? Anyone have suggestions? TP55G60 Blinkie
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Unhappy Help with Toshiba

I need help. I researched this site and had the same problems with the blinking light, and once I unplugged the TV and plugged it back in it worked. Then I started getting the fish eye thing, if I hit the top of the tv it would go away and work fine. I ordered the part stated above and my husband put it in and now the tv won't even go on. It does nothing but get the red blinking power light. Hubby is angry with me someone help.
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I got the first step done

So i figured out that the problem is similar to everyone elses here. Plug it in, turn it on then the red light remains flashing.
I removed the backboard and am looking to replace the parts needed to work.

You mentioned the board on the left side with 3 screws yet i couldnt exactly find such board. Sorry im a noob to televisions. I do reside in Arizona also so if your in Tucson let me know. Other than that i will be awaiting a reply so i can further my repairs and get my tv working again thanks

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