Zenith 46" Color Calibration Help

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Zenith 46" Color Calibration Help

I screwed up and need advice. My 46" Zenith Projection was a little blurry, so I opened it up and cleaned the mirror and the lenses. Picture was brighter, but still a little blurry. I noticed a black box that said 'focus' on it for the three colors and made an adjustment. That helped quite a bit, but then noticed all of the colored pots for fine tuning --- I made some adjustments, but now I have all of the colors so far out of whack that I don't know how to get them back in line. Is this something that I can do myself (with some time) or should I call a technician? I have noticed that my TV is on a recall program through Zenith. Maybe a call to them will have a technician out and fix the recall problem and also realign the colors. Help, please -- and thanks in advance to those who are kind enough to reply.
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Call a tech!

You are adjusting controls that are hooked to 25kv or higher and if you are not careful you may harm yourself!

I am a technician and have seen where a customer has caused a great deal of damage to their TV because they were not aware of complications they can cause with the adjustments.
What you are trying to do is realign your grayscale and the controls that you are adjusting if set to high can cause the CRTs to ask for too much current. This in turn can cause an overload in the HV circuit causing the HOT to fail.

If the adjustment block should fail 25kv could jump the gap to your body and if your other hand is attached to a good ground your heart could be in the path of the 25kv.

By the way the grayscale should be adjusted with the color turned all the way down.

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