Speaker Wire/Monster Cable

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Speaker Wire/Monster Cable

Over the years, I have read about Monster Cable and the benifits. I have used it in the past and am about to wire several sets of speakers including my home theater system. I will have to pull wiring through the wall, into the attic and down to where I will hang the speakers. So, my question is, is it really worth it to spend the extra money and get MOnster Cable? If so, will I hear the difference between, lets say 16ga, 14ga and 12ga. Monster Cable. My longest pull will be about 50 ft.
I love my surround and like to listen to easy jazz, so again, will I notice the difference in the sound from a 12 ga. to 16 ga? I have found a good source on E Bay but there is quite a price difference between the two sizes I mentioned above.
Thanks in advance for any help you might offer.|
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I wouldn't use smaller than 14 ga to pull thru the walls and wouldn't use 16ga for runs over 10-12 feet. For the fifty foot run, I'd use the thicker 12ga cable. If you're going to all the trouble of pulling cable thru the walls, why go cheap? The total difference is what - $30?

Will you hear a difference? Only you can answer that and it depends on your ear, the quality of your speakers, and the room accoustics. I've talked to musicians that insist they can hear the difference.
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Cat5 makes great homebrew speaker cable, and is cheap. Do a google search on "cat5 speaker cable"

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