2 year old emerson tv popping/electrical issue?

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2 year old emerson tv popping/electrical issue?

Hi all. I have a 2 year old Emerson combination TV/VCR/DVD that is making a loud popping noise. It does it sporadically, but probably 2-3 times a day. Sometimes more. Sometimes not at all. It seems as thought electricity may be building up somewhere in the unit and then discharging when it builds up too much. It is unplugged now, because I'm nervous it may cause damage or fire or something.

Also, my sister gave me a stuffed animal that talks when you press a button on it's ear. It is sitting on top of my entertainment center. When the TV pops it makes the animal chatter, which makes me nervous because it must be sending an electrical charge through the air.

Anyway. I was dumb and did not purchase an extended warranty or fill out the warranty card that came with the television.

So here are my questions. Has anyone ever heard of this problem? Any ideas on what it is? Is it something I can fix or should I take it in somewhere? I can't decide if I should have it repaired or buy a new TV. I just hate to buy a new one because this one is slightly less than 2 years old. If it would be cheaper to buy a new one though I'd rather do that.

Thanks for any responses! I appreciate your time and expertise!
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What you hear is probably a high voltage discharge arcing to a metal component nearby. This is usually the result of a pinhole in the insulation on the flyback transformer, the high voltage lead to the CRT or the boot on the connection of the high voltage lead to the CRT. If you can see the point of discharge, you can seal it with silicone seal. A shop will probably want to change to flyback transformer which will probably run you somewhere close to $100 depending on the cost of the transformer and your local labor rates. In the future, I would recommend buying the DVD and VCR separately so that when one fails, you can replace it without having to have the whole unit worked on.

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