TV half turns on


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TV half turns on

so my tv has been doing this weird thing for the past few days. its a CRT by the way. i turn it on, and u know the part where it kinda makes that charge-up noise... yeah, thats been getting longer and longer everytime ive been turning on the tv. this morning it did the same thing except the picture never came on, and it kind of made the turn off noise, but it was still on, and it started to smell a little bit. now if i wait a while after it's off, it makes the turn on noiuse, but it still doesnt come on. does anyone know what im talking about? is my tv beyond "it will fix itself"?
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Not an TV expert, but

if you smell something burning and it's not dinner :-) then it's definetly past fixing itself. If you think the TV's worth it you could take it to a shop and see what's wrong with it. If it's a bigscreen or too heavy to move, some shops will come to you....but you will pay a service fee for them just to look at it. (Also most shops today charge a fee simply to look at the TV even if you just take it home afterward.)

If you post back with brand and model #/Chassis # someone here may know of some simple tests to narrow the problem down.

Sorry, hope this helps!
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yeah, i think it might be beyond fixing itself... its an old tv set, its a sony trinitron KV-2780R. that the most info i could get from the tv...
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this TV is ~18 yrs old.

In my opinion, I think its served you well, may she RIP. Some of the repair parts to repair it are hard to come by. Labor costs for repair will be impractical when considering the age.

If its because of the sentimental value, I would guess the HOT transistor on this sucker is shorted out (D1497). It was probably caused by either bad capacitors or maybe even the Flyback tansformer.
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alright... thanks a lot all.

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