Am getting frustrated with T.V. HELP?

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Am getting frustrated with T.V. HELP?

Will try to make this short.I bought a new JVC 36" flat screen 2 weeks ago.When i got it home and set it up there was some discoloring in the top and bottom left corners only.It looked like magnetic interference.I have large unshielded loudspeakers(12" woofers)and even though they didnt bother my old t.v. at the same 3ft. distance,i moved them to about 4-5 ft. from each side.Did not make any difference.The box the unit came in was in rough shape so i thought tube damage.I fought with the staore and got a replacement.When i set it up not only did i have the discoloration in the same 2 corners...not as bad (shows up as blue tinge on white screen and green on orange screen)but when i turn on my satelite schedule(bell expressvu t.v. guide) the same side with the bad corners is slightly pincushioned.Not enogh to really notice watching a program..but its pretty bad when the guide is on.A friend came and degaussed it yesterday which seemd to help with the discoloring,but did nothing to the pincushion.Woke up today and the discolored corners are comimg back and the pincushion is still there.Did i get TWO duds??or is there something in my home interefering?Are my speakers still too close at 5' away?How can i tell if its tube damage or something else.Sorry this was so long..but im really upset.I live in the country and had to haul the bloody 200lb t.v.s back and forth myself.Thanks for any advice
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Take it into another room, turn it off and on a few times to let the automatic degausing circuit work and see what happens. If you still have the same problem, it is probably the TV. If not, it is something environmental in your home.
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Sounds like your have some serious EMF problems. Especially if it's not shielded, like mentioned above, set up the TV in another room. If's it's all clear and good...time to invest in some new speakers
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Thanks for the help folks.

I followed your advice and thats what it was.The new t.v. is far more sensitive to magnetic fields than ive seen before.The speekers did have large unshielded drivers,but to cause problems at almost 4' away!I bought a set of new shielded towers (not easy to find in my area)and all is good!
Thanks again for the help

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