manually getting a videotape out


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manually getting a videotape out

I have a JVC HR A591U VCR. It was given to me, and I don't have an instruction booklet and can't find one for that model online. Don't know if instruction manuals even tell this.

Overall story, one day it stopped working (only little lines on it where the channel, etc should be) then no power at all. I took the case off, took a fuse out (looked fine) put it back in, it seemed to work. Came on, changed channels. I put a tape in and everything works on it (it played) BUT... when I hit STOP/EJECT it goes to SLOW, PLAY or REW and doesn't pull the tape back from the heads and eject it.

Was looking on here and saw someone else with a VCR problem and the answer VCRs are so cheap now, better to buy another one.

I agree. But, the tape I put in has my digital photos on it (I save on tape before taking them off the camera). I know, hindsight, don't try a tape you want, just because you think the thing is working. Or, you think "I can always eject it manually and get it out".

How do I get the tape out manually?

I've done this with other VCRs in the past, there was a gear or lever on the RIGHT side (when I'm facing the VCR) that could be turned and lifts the tape up and out.

I can't find anything like that on this one. On the left side, I can lift up a plastic piece, that lifts that side of the tape up, but nothing on the right. And there's something on the right holding it in.

There are some plastic gears but they are laying flat under the metal cage that holds the tape, and they don't seem to move. I've tried pushing and pulling everything else that's on that side, and nothing.

Can someone tell me how?


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Because VCR are so cheap Id say- "Controlled demolition of that VCR" appears to be the only way out. Do your best to keep that tape cover "door" on the actual cassette open before you lift it out in an effort to keep from damaging/creasing the actual tape.

Good Luck.
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