help home movies TV, VCR, Stereo?


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Question help home movies TV, VCR, Stereo?

Hi, I'm new to the forum and I'm in need of some help. I recently lost my 6 year old daughter and I'm trying desparately to put her home movies (which are in VHS form) to "music" I have the music picked out and the movies finished but I would simply like to put "music" to them (nothing fancy, just instrumentals from a sound track I'd like to play through onto them. The video company I went to was charging $5.00 a song and it would cost well over $300.00 and I cannot afford this.

Is there a way to record from my stereo (playing a tape from it) and putting Audio to the Home movies? I'm not too computer swift but doing this means alot to me and my husband if someone can help us. I don't want to "tape over" the already finished tape. If this is not possible if someone could help us find the simplest solution to do this we would be so grateful for your help.

I will check in for replies, and thank you for any help you can give us.

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If you have 2 VCR's or can borrow another one,

you should be able to do this, but it's going to be tough to get the music to stop and start with the video where you want it to.

VCR1=playback VCR (your movie); VCR2=Record VCR (blank tape).

Use the line in or out jacks on both VCR's. (yellow, white and red.) VCR1 video line out connects to VCR2 video line in using the yellow part of the cord only. (this will give you video signal).

The audio line in (red and white) for VCR2 will come from your tape player/CD player line out jacks. Connect your TV to VCR2 using either RCA (yellow, white, red) or the coaxial cable. (usually channels 3 or 4). Set VCR2 to record from it's line inputs.

Just tell VCR1 to play, start your music, then VCR2 to record! This should record your video with the music that you want. Even better, start VCR1, then pause, then start music and pause, then start recording and release the pauses above. Pause the recording when you need to go to the next song or fast forward the playing video, then resume recording.

I'd suggest making a test run of about 2 to 5 minutes to make sure that everything is working. Record about 5 minutes as described above, then stop, rewind and playback what you just recorded.

The only issue you may have is connecting the 2 VCR's, I tried to connect 2 Sony's VCR's this way and couldn't get it to work due to the copy protection, when I tried a another make of VCR it worked well.

Another idea would be if your computer has a video capture card, then you can capture the movies in the computer. Copy the music files to the computer also, then using an editing program, join the two. Using this method, you should be able to create a DVD or Video CD. If you have a video capture device and a DVD or CD burner you probably have everything you need to do this already. You'll probably be able to get much closer to exactly what you want this way as well.

If your computer can't do this, do you have a friend's computer that does? Maybe they'll be willing to help you out!

Trying to help!
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