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When I set my timer to tape shows, sometimes I get all the shows or just one or none. When I get none if I cue through I have picked up shows from all channels except the one I am taping from. I also at time get lines through what I taped. Is there some way to tell if this is the VCR or the reception. And can it be fixed
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You didn't say how old this machine is or what kind of machine. So, I will be general in my answer.
First, let's deal with the lines in the taped material. Check back on the forum and you will find an interesting thread about cleaning tape heads. Pay attention to the use of "wet" type head cleaners to clean your video heads and tape path.
Is it reception? If the lines are not there when you view it on your TV screen then the answer is no. If the lines are present when you watch the TV, then this is another topic.

As for the programming problems, I would venture to guess this machine is over five years old. The memory EPROM is most likely the problem and it is getting ready to fail completely. When it does, you will not be able to pre-program the machine at all. Once they get intermittant in memory retention, they never get better on their own. This little device usually runs $25-30.

Is it fixable? Yes. Would I advise it? No.
The costs for repairs are such that you would lose money in the long haul. When you have it repaired, you may spend up to $200 to fix the machine and still will have an old VCR. Most of the shops in our area charge $125 just to open the unit up and make an evaluation. Your best money is spent in buying a new unit. Three brands are at the top of list for quality and price: (1) Sony (2) Sharp, and (3) Panasonic. JVC and Hitachi are 4 and 5.

Sorry I didn't have better news.


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