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I've got a 13in TV that from time to time will - for the lack of description - has screen burps. When this happens the screen fades out and the sound cuts in and out. Is this a TV tube going bad? It seems to happen during certain commercials and on some channels but not all the time. It is a periodic problem but very annoying. Any ideas?

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Since television sets no longer have tubes in them, the problem can be isolated to an integrated circuit that handles AGC (automatic gain control) or Video Output. I perceive this problem as a bad solder joint that reacts when the temperature gets high enough to cause the board to flex.
Find the circuit board in your TV set, use a good 60-40 solder, and a low heat iron, and resolder the connections on the board. The problem will go away.

It is caused by a displaced ground that disconnects when the board flexes under heat. A little solder and you are back in business.


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