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We have a large creen 46" Mitsubishi TV about 12 years old. Lately, the picture has been moving up and down, especially at the starting, and commercials.
What could be the problems? Anything we can do other than calling the service repair?
Thank you very much for any suggestions.

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My first thought would be the high voltage regulator circuit has failed. This would cause the picture to "bloom" slightly at high brightness images and expand slightly at darker images. A quick way to check it is to turn the brightness down when the picture starts to move up or down. If the picture stabilizes, then the high voltage circuit needs attention.

A second thought would be a change in the AGC/Synchronization circuit but I would think this would be the exception and not the rule.

Either way, it's time to call the shop. There isn't anything in the back of that set that you can change easily. And, after 12 years of service, you may consider investing in HDTV and retiring the set. In a couple of years it will be obsolete.


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