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My 5 year old daughter stuck a metal spoon in the electrical socket that a 13 inch TV/VCR was plugged into. She's very lucky she's not dead - she was not even hurt. Wish I could say the same thing about the wall and the TV.

When I entered the room, the TV was on and working. We turned it off, and unplugged it. The metal things sticking out of the plug are black, and the plastic is slightly melted. The electrical box is all black as well, but apparantly is still working - I've not been brave enough to plug anything into it. I haven't been brave enough to plug the TV in to another outlet to see if it still works, but it was working after it happened.

Our plan is to replace the outlet and the plug on the TV. Is this sufficient, or should we just get rid of the TV? And just how do we replace the plug? Should we take it in someplace to do it, or is it a do it yourself project? I've seen "them" do it on tv to lamps - do they make plugs for TVs?
I'm pretty much clueless as to this sort of thing, but the TV is only a couple of months old and would like to salvage it if I can... And at $2 a week allowance, my 5 year old can't afford a repairman....

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Stop by the local hardware store and pick up a replacement plug for the cord. Most are a quick-connect type. Then, using a pair of wire cutters, simply cut the old plug off the cord and install the new one. Follow the directions on the package.

Be grateful that the child survived. A lot of them don't.

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It should be noted that TVs have a polarity
reqirement. Get a replacement plug with a
wider prong, and wire that so that the ribbed
or striped wire connects to the wide prong.

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