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Sony tv, when hooked to cable I get snow (a messy picture for a few seconds, then static). I have switched the cable mode from off to on, and it does nothing. However, when i hook it up to a nintendo or any kind of game system, it works without a hitch(hooked to jacks in the back). VCR's dont work either. Im about to open it up and start tinkering. . .what do i do?

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Of course, I can't see how things are hooked up but am assuming you are connecting things correctly. If you have snow, the channel tuner and the intermediate frequency amplifiers are working okay.

If you are running cable TV, you connect the cable TV to the input of the VCR. You connect the output of the VCR to the cable connection (a round threaded fitting) on the back of the set. What it sounds like is that you have the VCR connections reversed.

Check that and get back to me.


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