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I have a 25 inch LXI tv that the picture slowly shrinks on until its no longer viewable. When I turn the tv on and off it will sometimes fix the problem, but sometimes I have to turn it off and on several times.
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Good Morning, rcthomas:
I am not familiar with the LXI but television circuits remain essentially constant in design and operation.

You say the picture slowly shrinks? Is this from all four sides, does it shrink in from the sides, or shrink from top and bottom? Each condition deals with a different circuit. And, when it shrinks, is the area black where the picture has disappeared? When the picture is no longer viewable, what exactly are you seeing on the screen?

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When the picture is shrinking its from the top and the bottom. The picture will shrink so far and then the whole screen will go snowy and all I hear is static.
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Good Afternoon, rcthomas:
With the snowy picture and the picture shrinking vertically, I would make my first check in the low voltage power supply. What this sounds like is a filter capacitor or some component failing under heat.

Second check would be in the vertical oscillator and/or vertical amplifier. A failure in this circuit, however, does not usually yield a snowy picture.

It doesn't sound serious and might be worth the time to have it repaired. I would get some cost estimates based on the information I have provided. Repair costs, however, are high these days and it is difficult to find anyone that will work on the television sets. If the cost estimates approach 50% of the replacement costs, it might be better to put the money into something new.

I can't be more enlightening at this point because it is difficult to diagnose a problem without actually seeing the failure.

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ShrinkQAGEXproblem with Panasonic 27 inch.

I have a 6-8 year old Panasonic 27 inch with PIP. At times the pictures shrinks to only about the middle 1/3. top to bottm, side to side is ok. If I knock on the upper right side to picture tube then the picture returns to normal.

I have opened it up twice to blow off the dust and look for obvious problems. Exactly where on the mother board are the chips/cap, I need to resoder and/or replace? I will remove the board competely from the TV.

It looks like I am going to have to get a new TV nyways, So if I mess it up, oh well. If I fix it the kids and moms at the home for batter wumen and childrengt a 27 in TV.

Please give my a clue a to where the parts are and where I shold buy new ones.


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