Toshiba Dvd/Vcr - reads Disc Error


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Question Toshiba Dvd/Vcr reads disc error...can I swap parts?????

RE: Toshiba DVD/VCR Home Theater System

Hi there...

I have a 11mo.old Toshiba DVD/VCR theater system that has been barely used - It's been used only about 8 times. The DVD player does not work anymore. Since last week it spits out movies & the display reads "disc error". Music Cd's stay in & play perfectly, the vcr is fine, sound system, etc. - it's like everything is in pristine condition except the dvd player. I opened it up & cleaned the tiny laser eye w/dry q-tip thinking it might be dirty w/dust & also unplugged from the wall for 3 min. to reset it, but it hasn't helped any. Anyway, I went back to Best Buy to see what service place they could direct me to but they told me that they don't carry Toshiba Dvd/vcr players anymore because they had been recalled due to 'laser reading problems'. They told me there were no Toshiba repairs centers in my area. The nearest one was in another county & that I could send it by mail to have it repaired. I told him I'd rather throw it out due to mailing/repair costs, etc. so I'd try to repair it myself. Coincidently, I have a family member who bought a new system & is giving me his toshiba Dvd/vcr player so I could fix mine. His dvd works fine, but his vcr does not. So I thought that maybe I can interchange parts - though his dvd is on the opposite side.
Question - Would parts be compatible? Could I just take the whole black plastic dvd compartment (incl. the laser reader - the whole thing) & plop in mine? Or could I just simply take off that little part where the reader is (& the tiny green circuit board on top) & replace that? Would any of this work? Any advice/guidance would be truly appreciated.
Thanks for your time/ help.

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what model do you have ?

have you tried cleaning lens ? dvd lens cleaner kit.

the cd works fine, there is actually 2 lenses in there.

or could be a software issue.

Id try cleaning it. But I have seen a few of these combos do this.

You might call toshiba, if you have your reciept, you should be under your parts warranty but not labor. you can request a shipping label.

and you might ask for a one time conssesion on help with the labor costs.

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Thanks for replying to my post.
My DVD/VCR player is the Toshiba Model #SD-V55HT.

Thanks for suggesting I call toshiba but they are not too helpful nor accomodating to my circumstances. I want to forget about them & learn to fix this thing as this is my 3rd dvd player that's broken down. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity since I have two that are from Toshiba, but I need help in achieving this project.

Ohh..I did buy a lens cleaner - the disc with that has the tiny brush on the underside but it didn't work. I only see one forgive my ignorance but where exactly is the 2nd lens?
thanks shorty...

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