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Okay guys/ladies... here is your big chance..... I want a big TV (45 - 60 inch).... but don't know squat about the various differences in this day and age... and don't really want to spend a couple of weeks researching from scratch. Give me some quick pros/cons of the major types so I'll have a place to start from.

I don't think I like projection due to the questionable picture quality.... yet don't want to buy something today that I can buy for half the purchase amount in 9 months.... Money isn't tight.... though I believe I can get what I want for under $3000. Suggestions??????????
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I won't tell you what to buy. But I can tell you what to stay away from. Plasma s .. Don't even think about them. I work on TVs all day and once these come out of warranty/contract, customers are in for sticker shock all over again. Board prices are in the hundreds of dollars and labor prices are trying to keep pace. Routinely our repair bills are over $1000. And panel failures are rising. Panel prices normally kill any repair. Nuff said??

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My 2 cents worth

You cannot beat a PLASMA TV with the right picture source and if You invest in one buy the extended warranty.

The LCD tv's are more proven and with DLP technology are even better.

The conventional projection TV is the way to go if you want that big of a screen size as prices are more in line with what you might pay. Size for buck wise.

You sound like to would rather wait for prices to come down so you must be of moderate income and probably could not afford a PLASMA.
So take those out of the running.
The LCD are much more inexpensive in the 60 inch size so take any over 40 inch out of the equation.
Your left with the projection TV's but you say the picture quality isn't what you prefer.
Go to a big box store for the Price and invest in the time the saleperson can give you a pitch about which one is the one to buy.
He is probably looking out for you and can best decide which one you should buy.
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Here's my pitch for Sony LCD projection !!!

I install Dish Network satellite systems including their 811 HD receivers.
I've just about seen them all, LCD, plasma, CRT, DLP, etc.

My 50", and a few other 50, 53, and 60 inch Sony's are hard to beat.

Warning: wherever you decide to look, have the sales people show you a Standard Definition picture ALSO. This seems to be the biggest complaint with HDTVs. Poor pic quality with SD - check it out.
Also, get one with an anti=glare screen. A few 'shney' plasmas you couldn't give to me!!!


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