Buzz while TV is on


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Jamie Scott
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Buzz while TV is on

I have a Toshiba flatscreen, less than 2 years old. Ever since I have owned it, it has a loud buzz sound while the TV is on.

This buzz is not affected by the volume level, or change in whats on the screen (colors, etc...). It gets worse the longer the TV is on. I haven't gotten this looked at yet, mostly because I am lazy, and you can still hear most of what is going on although it drowns out dialogue sometimes. My dad is a repairman and suggested giving it a easy whack on the side, as it may be the 60-sec buzz ( ) or something like that. This hasnt worked, and of course I am hesitant to simply hit my TV.

This is a HUGE annoyance, especially since it is virtually brand new.

Any suggestions? Will this get worse with time? Is this something I can do some troubleshooting for?

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i think unless you know what you are doing around the front end of your tv(it sounds like an if fault) have it looked at

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