Cable For Dummies..


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Cable For Dummies..

My local cable company deposited two characters on my doorstep today to install cable TV. Communication with them was difficult as English was not their primary (or secondary) language.
What I was able to glean from our conversation, was the "free" installation would consist of rewiring the entire house (8 connections) at $50 per recepticle. They'd be bangin holes all over the place. Since I know nothing of this, I sent them on their way and came here for a little more information.
All of the existing recepticles are inter-connected to an attic antenna. I have a seperate cable connection for my modem.
Why can't they simply tap into one of the existing connections? Does this seem a bit high? Any suggestions?
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Call the cable compnay back and complain to them. These guys sound like thrid party installers trying to make an extra buck.
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i'm a twc contracted installer and i can say 1/2 of what they said is kinda true. if u have 8 outlets then u need 8 outlets running out side to the box on the side of your home,reason being is that when u split a cable line it losses signal aka{db loss} u have a starting # of db to begin with so u cant just split to every tv or u will be in the negitive of your signal. but 50 dollars an outlet wheeeeee. that is obserd, we charge 18 bucks to the customer u would be better off having a electrician run the lines
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Yuo don't NEED to have them run to the cable box, you can hoem run them to a location in you home where you can install a splitter that you can control, rather than have it in their locked box, where they can charge you for access/connection to it.

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