How to get my subwoofer work?


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How to get my subwoofer work?

How to get my subwoofer work?

I just bought a Yamaha subwoofer. I thought itíd be an easy work to connect it to my receiver but it didnít turn out that simple.

I connected the subwoofer cable to the woofer output of my receiver and the subwoofer input then turn on the woofer power. The subwoofer just didnít have the sound at all. However I could hear the boom boom sound if I unplugged the cable off the receiver subwoofer output then touch the head of the cable by my hand or touch it by a metal. So, what is the problem? My other two speakers have been working without any problem however I just donít know how to get the woofer up and running?

Thank you for your input in advance!
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Your receiver may not be sending anything to the sub-out terminal. Ensure the receiver has this terminal enabled, i.e., that it knows you have, and want to use, a subwoofer.

On my receiver, there is an option to output the low-frequency range (generally for a sub if you've got it) to the main would do this when you have large main speakers and no sub (as is my case).

Your receiver's manual would be the best way to check this.
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Sub Woofer

I think you can run your output speakers to the sub woofer. Then output those cables to the speakers. The subwoofer should capture the bass lows and output them in the sub speaker. Let me know how u come out.

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My wife is the expert on this stuff, but I think you also have to set your crossover- that's the point at which the signal will cross from main speakers to sub. If set too low all signals will be sent to mains. A sub woofer does not broadcast the full range of sound- only that below the level you set. I do not know how to set this, but assume the manual on the receiver would tell you.
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I had a comment, but it was irrelevant.
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Yes, you need to tell the receiver you have a sub. Some receivers do it thru a set-up menu where you say yes/no to the various speakers. Some do it thru a button that determines how much bass you want.

You may also need to adjust the cross-over.

Some subwoofer cables are directional. If you cable is, it will have a couple of arrows on it.
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Hehe, yeah, *that* comment was relevant, but I had another one, and it wasn't.

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