help! no picture, only sound on tv/video


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Exclamation help! no picture, only sound on tv/video

was playing a video, as it went past some bad spots on video and player automatically tracked, sudenly there was no picture at all, just a blue screen and sound. tried a diff video. same thing, no picure, only sound. tried changing to channel 4, from 3, on back of video and on tv. still nothing. changed it back. still nothing. tried manual tracking. again, nothing, just sound. am now a5t point of having unplugged everything for some minutes. dunno if it will reset itself.
if it doesnt, then what?
note, vcr has played other tapes with some bad spots fine, auto tracking thru it, but now this.
it is a hitachi model # VT-F330A. serial # 91147376. FCC ID: ABL00068
tv and video are seperate units.
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What type of video/audio wires are you using - coax or yellow,red,white or s-video, red, white?
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uhh.....i do some some things bout electronics, but i'm not *that* proficient. ;^|
i've no idea what type of wires you are describing, other than that they may be wires connected between the video player and tv.
besides, i finally found a simple, tho temporary fix in my search online. simple, cuz one uses a clean, un-inked piece of paper, cut to fit covering the head, then with moderate pressure with fingers holding paper to head, spin the head both ways, remove and see the mess collected. ***do not move paper up and down. it will break the delicate parts of the head. repeat till no more "dirt" is seen. video played fine. temporary, cuz every time a well used tape is played, more is sloffed off and cloggs the head.
found it here:
look under "alternative video head cleaning techniques"

if anyboy has a more permanent fix, please speak up. ;^)
thank you
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replacement upper drum may be required.....
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Just clean the heads.

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just clean the heads?!
dakota, thats what ive been doing all along, in a variety of different ways. tsk.

as for replacing the upper drum, sheldonstv...ive no idea what the upper drum is.
however, now it wont play any tape. it just shows a blue screen and no sound now too. it was just playing a tape just fine not too many minutes before this malfunction.
on the same link i gave above in previous post, looking under "Video Play and Record Problems If the VCR works in all respects when tuning broadcast or cable channels but playing a tape results in no picture, a very snowy picture, or just a blue screen, there may be problems with the video heads, the lower cylinder, head preamps, or other video electronics. Testing most of these is beyond the scope of this document and will require a service manual and test
equipment. However, you can do a decent job of determining if the video
heads are likely to be at fault....", i tried what i could, and in the sections suggested, but still nothing. i couldnt try too many of the suggestions cuz didnt have the nessasary equipment to do so. as well, i searched under "blue' to find info on the page for anything to do with a blue screen, and still nothing worked, of what i could do. even tried turning off the machine and cooling it with ice packs, in case it was just too hot.
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now, since i've posted last, the video player has been setting idle, doing nothing but serving as a channel changer and antenna, it's decided to actually play a video. the video is one i'd normally play anyway. i've no idea what the deal is with this thing.
very fickle video play is all i can say.

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