PAL and NTSC - Dazed and confused


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PAL and NTSC - Dazed and confused

Hi all, I recently moved from the UK to Denver, Colorado and I'm having a headache trying to figure out how to set up my home entertainment.

I have a large collection of European and US dvds, PAL format videos and a PAL format Gamecube. I left my multi format tv, vcr and dvd player in the UK for a variety of reasons and now I am trying to get hold of a system that allows me to view US tv broadcasts, and all my 'foreign' media, but there's so much information out there I am suffering an overload.

There seems to be two schools of thought for the dvd and vcr problem. Either get an NTSC format television, a video converter and then run a multi format vcr and region free dvd player through that for the PAL format media, or go for a multi system television that plays both PAL and NTSC, skip the converter and get the multi region vcr and region free dvd player.

For the first option I am not sure whether or not I can run the Gamecube (or the dvd player for that matter) through the converter. For the second option I am having significant problems in tracking down the right hardware for it.

SO a couple of questions:

What would be the best setup for what I want, option 1 or option 2, or are there more alternatives?
Does anyone have any suggestions for a good source for the hardware?
Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to run the Gamecube if I don't get a PAL compatible television?

Any help would be much appreciated, before I make an expensive mistake.
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For DVDs, get a Chinese player, they can usually be modded to play international DVDs on a US TV. Most any big-box type store sells them.

For the Cube, look into seeining if it can be modded for NTSC, or an American unit can be modded to play UK games.
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