Do HDMI to HD-RBG converters exist?


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Do HDMI to HD-RBG converters exist?

I read about upconvert DVD players and would like to have one but my HDTV moniter has a HD-RGB input but no HDMI input. Are there HDMI to HD-RGB converters out there and if so, do they mess up the picture quality any? Thanks in advance for any information.
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There is no such animal. the HDMI is a digital signal, the RGB is an analog signal. they both cary the same resolution and picture quality between them is Very similar. I still mainly use RGB Component cable for Theater Installs because it's Much more stable and has none of the compatiblity issues we see with HDMI
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More accurately HDMI is a secure protected signal. an HDMI to analog convertor would fly into the face of the HDMI copy protection, so cannot exist.

There could be unprotected HDMI to analog convertors, but they may be forced to 480i anyway.

If you are in the market fo a player, look for one that does 1080i on component, or an HD-DVD or Blu-Ray player, which for now output 1080I/P on component.

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