Sony rear projection TV - KP-53XBR45 powers on then off


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Sony rear projection TV - KP-53XBR45 powers on then off

Hi folks,
My prized rear projection TV just gave up the ghost today - it must be jealous because I've installed a 40" LCD HD in my other room a couple of months ago. Anyway I was hoping for some help. It was operating fine this morning, then my kids shut it off.

Now, when we turn it back on, it powers on for a breif second or two and then shuts off. I assume that the power supply is detecting a current draw and shutting itself back off for protection. I have a few questions.

1) As of this morning the colors and picture was absolutely fine. is it worth repairing?

2) if the answer to one is yes, then does anyone know where can I get a service manual for the system

3) While I'm waiting for the service manual - any suggestion on troubleshooting the unit - can I disconnect certain components to see if I can isolate the broken part?

Its been a while since I've repair a TV - used to deal with tube sets all the time but I'm dating myself now. Any suggestions would be grateful...

= = = = = = = =
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sounds like it might be a power problem. first step troubleshooting: unplug everything from the TV, Unplug everything from the surge protector. press the power button on the TV (while it's unpluged) wait a few seconds. plug Only the TV back in. wait a few seconds. Press the power button again.

What we are trying to accomplish: Isolate the TV from everything else that might be causing the problem. Attempting to turn the TV on with it unplugged will drain the HUGE capasitors that power the CRTs. this will hopefully reset the power system. Sometimes that's all it needs.

if not: She's Broke. sometimes it's worth fixing, but most of the time the service centers to work on them will beat you over the head for labor and parts, than keep your TV for a few month. I never recommend working on it yourself, it can be very dangerous.
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Power Strip may be bad

I had same problem with my 8 year old Sony Grand Vega, KF-50WE610. After many days of failures, I moved TV power cord from Monster Hometheater Powerbar to wall plug. Everything is fine.

I became suspicious when I noticed light on power bar was off indicating it was turned off. However, attached devices were still powered up. I turned power bar on and light went on, but to be sure I moved TV power cord to wall. Power bar may have inadvertently been turned off as it is in back of cabinet and keeps getting pushed around. However, I don't trust it as it should have turned off power to all attached devices (TV, DVD, Remote headphones and cable box).
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Being 13 years old it could be full of bad solder connections.
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Power on/off

I think it may be powering on, and looks like it's powering off, but is still on. If this is the case, when you power on using the remote, you should be able to hear the "click" and see the power light blink a few times before it looks as if it's powered off. Then, if you push the power button again, you should hear the click, but no light blinking because it's powering off? If this is what you are experiencing your unit may have suffered a part failure (part # a1306507a). It's no longer available through the usual supply system, and you'll have to get seriously interested in finding it (M-board). Otherwise, you're out of luck. If this is the problem, and you decide to pursue the repair, let me know if, and from whom, you're able to locate the part.

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