S-Vieo vs. Component Video Question


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S-Vieo vs. Component Video Question

I'm trying to hook up a new Sharp HD TV. The unit has one S-Video and three audio/video inputs. First, is the S-Video better than the 2 audio and one video coax? I have a satelite receiver with S output and I can feed that thru a VHS VCR that also has S-video out. Then I have a DVD that has S-video and the 2 audio and one video coax. Which should I use? I also have several other components but they all use the 2 audio/1 video coax output. I guess my big question is what is the advantage to the S-Video?
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S-Video is.....WAY outdated.

If you have HD (component) connections, they will offer a WAY better picture the S-Video ever can. You cannot view HD programming through a S-video connection.

Component is jsut for picture, so you can use a RCA cables for your sound, or if you have digital capabilities (optical/analog) use that.

A COAX connection these days offers the same resolution or better the S-video anyways.
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This is all a bit overwellming, so can I start with my first problem?
The TV has component jacks in and the DVD has component jack out. I see how to connect them, no problem. I do want to use my Onkyo surround sound amplifier. Do I split the audio out to go to the TV and the amp? I would like to be able to use the enhanced sound sometimes but not always so it seems like the right way. I did notice that the Sharp Aquous has audio out jacks. Do you know if I feed that to the amp if it will do the surround sound?
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You probably have digital outputs also, on the sat box and dvd player. these are either Toslink (optical, as in fiber) or Coaxial (RCA connector), sometimes both. Use the digital to the receiver, and analog stereo (red & white RCA connectors) directly to the tv.

In order of preference:
HDMI (includes the audio signal)
DVI (no audio, same as hdmi but no HDCP)
Component RGBHV (rare in home / consumer, except HIGH end)
Component (3 wire)
Composite (single yellow RCA)
RF (standard coax)

If you can only use one of your two devices on a type, use the best quality source with the best cable type.
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A few questions;

What satelite service/box are you using?

Do you subscribe to their HD service?

TV model#?

Make sure you use the correct vocabulary when discussing the wires (component = red, blue, green + 2 audio) Composite =yellow + 2 audio. Its a big difference, component is HD capatible and composite isn't.
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Somehow I got it working OK. I got component on my DVD. I got composite on one VCR. I got S-video on my Toshiba C Band Sat Rx and S-VHS VCR. I got over the air, 50 channels of analog and HD digital and plain digital.
I guess its time to look for a high end DVD. The one I have says it's 1080p. I think I need a newer HD DVD and will go HDMI or component.
Thanks for the help.
BTW, I using a Sharp 52" LCD. This is real great. I also am using the audio out from the TV to do the surround sound. That also sounds great.

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