Plasma/DLP/LCD which is best?


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Plasma/DLP/LCD which is best?

Good afternoon:

I am finally getting ready to update my home theater system including a new HD TV. So many friends/specialist that all have a different opinion on what is best for home viewing...Please offer some help, here is what we have.
Denon AVR4800, Pioneer Eliete DV-47A DVD player and Boston 10K five speaker system with sub. We like regular tv, and watch a ton of movies through cable and renting. I think I have the sound and DVD covered but really do not know to go with a Plasma or am being pushed about the LCD. So, which will look the best and have the least problems, and which brand do I look for? Finally, what are "Hot Topics or points" I should know about when shopping?
Thanks in advance for any and all help!
Take care
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They are slightly heavier than LCD's (lbs/in) because of the screen design. They will lose approximatly 50% of their brightness in ~20,000 hours (I think, I know that was for earlier models so it might take longer now). Personally, I think that a plasma has a better, richer picture. Plasma is a much newer technology (relative to LCD).

What can I say, they have been around for a very long time although just recently moving into the TV market. They are more expensive per inch than a plasma. They tend to have a brighter picture and they do lose their brightness like a plasma.

I got some good advice when I was picking out my TV (32" LCD). Decide on a technology and size and go to a store that has a bunch of them on display and let your eyes choose.

Make sure that you get one that has native support for 1080 HD resolution.
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Thanks for starting this thread. I'm in the market myself and was going to ask the same questions.

My "consumer" eyes in a big box store tell me that I prefer LCDs. Plasmas don't seem to have the same depth, and their whites seem to wash out in comparison. They do have more vivid colors, though. Viewing angles are roughly the same.

The lines seem to be blurring on which type is best from a specifications standpoint. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Most of the issues that plagued earlier versions of all types have been corrected (burn-in, smearing, jitter), and costs are evening out.

The limited number of DLP's I've seen were probably tainted because they were selling size over quality. The compromises I saw were a very narrow viewing angle, a 10" to 15" depth behind the screen, and the lack of sparkling brightness that the others have.

The cost breakpoint for size between LCD and Plasma seems to happen in the mid 30's. LCDs larger than that are quite a bit more expensive than Plasmas. However, Plasmas are power hogs, on the order of four times an LCD's requirements. Over the long run, the electric bill will catch up with the initial savings.

One more thing skewing my decision in favor of LCD: There is a class of video monitors that you'll never see in a big box store. They are used as engineering references for the TV shows and movies we watch. Market shares in that field are dominated by the same brand names that have dominated for 20 years or more, and all of them offer consumer products.

1080p is the going resolution because it's the best available right now. (Hopefully we'll get ten years out of the next TV we buy. By then we may have I-Max in our living rooms.) The big networks have set their standards for the next few years, though, to 720p, 1080i, and 480i.
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