Amp on amplified antenna


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Amp on amplified antenna

I have an amplified antenna that works great for one TV, however, I am splitting it to 4 now and the reception has decreased (which makes sense). I am considering placing a booster between the output of the antenna amp and the splitter, since the antenna is already amplified, will this help at all?

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It should do SOMETHING, yes, I've done that with a bunch of my TVs, had boosters and splitters going off in every direction...

One thing, though, don't most splitters have some kind of booster already in them? I think you'll only be able to improve the signal SO much after a certain point. could certainly try it. Let us know how it goes.
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Most splitters are passive, not amplified, and they attenuate the signal by a rule-of-thumb 3.5dB for each doubling of ports.

If the powered antenna is producing a signal at +7dB, the outputs of a two-way splitter will each be 3.5dB. A 4-way splitter will cut the signal to 0dB at each output port.

If you put an amp ahead of the splitter, don't overdo it. All you should need is a 7dB amp to make up the insertion loss of the splitter. Too much signal is just as bad as too little signal. The picture can be degraded by too much signal. If it's too strong you can damage the TV's tuner.

Also remember that an amplifier increases the level of noise along with the useable signal.

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