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I have a 32 inch sharp hdtv. My cable company just went 100% high definition. However, I can't see a difference from before. At present my tv is just connected to the cable box using the regular cable connection. If I use a hdtv cable connection will this show a difference of the picture quality? Thanks
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If I understand correctly...yer using the cable box to change channels..right?

Yes, I think you should be using the HDMI cable from the box to the TV. Don't get conned into buying some $90 cable either. A $20 cable will be just fine.

Theres a lot of other things that may be an issue..but I'm no expert on that.
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First make sure you have the HDTV cable box.Cable companies usually charge extra for this box and to get HD programming.
Second ,make sure you connect to the HDMI input.
If your set only has one regular cable connection then the tuner is analog not digital.make sure your If it has 2 cable connections,that you connect to the one marked digital in.
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Your provider hasn't gone 100% HD, as not all channels provide an HD signal. Your provider has likely gone 100% digital. You will need an HD box or cablecard (if the set is so equipped) to get the channels that are HD, in HD. You will connect it with HDMI or Component video.
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Hooking up a HDTV properly can be as frustrating as all get out.
Like someone else said, first you need a HD ready TV and a HD digital cable box. We rent our digital cable box/DVR combo from our cable provider. Then you will need to get them to feed you their HD stations (probably $5 a month to your regular bill). And finally, you will have to get the cables and TV settings set up properly. I bought a HDMI cable that carries both HD video and audio and connected it between the Digital cable box and the TV. (it cost me about $50) Then after when I discovered still no signal on the TV, I had to use the remote to select the proper TV input. In this case the menu was set to HDMI1. Bottom line, have patience because it sure looks nice when the cable box is on a HD channel and your watching Olympic beach vollyball.

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