Old Zenith Sentry 2 lost it's color


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Old Zenith Sentry 2 lost it's color

I just got a 17 year old, 22 or so inch, solid state Zenith sentry 2 television form a friend who didn't need it anymore. When I first used it it worked fine, but after running for about six hours the picture turned black and white. I turned it off and turned it on again and after a few seconds of remaining black and white, the color came back. I finished watching and turned it off.

Oh yeah ::ESSENTIAL INFO:: The menu text stayed color through this whole ordeal. If the color was there or not the menu text color stayed (blue and yellow and orange and red) So it's not the tube.

When I turned it back on again The picture was black and white. I opened up the back of the tv hoping to fin the problem. The color returned after jiggling some wires near (Pardon my technicality) the silver cable box thingy.

I turned it off and on again but the color was gone, again. I jiggled and it came back. So I turned it off and on again. BLACK AND WHITE!!! This time when I jiggled the color no come back

I tried and tried and gave up and let it sit off for about a day. I turned it back on to check and the color was back. I decided I would just leave it on forever. Well at about midnight I decided that this is ridiculous so I turned it off.

And In the morning the color was gone . (Remember the menu text is still in color, just now the picutre) I opened and jiggled and the color came back and this time I would really leave it on until it died (I didn't have anything to loose at this point).

But now the color slowly faded away (over about 4 hours) until it was black and white again. Now I've jiggled and waited but the color Is definitley not coming back.

I don't understand what part of a solid state tv could have caused the color to finally just fade out slowly like that and why the menu text stayed in full color.

I never figured out which wires caused the color to return and jiggling never made the color go away. I can't be sure it was the jiggling at all and not just a coinicidence.

Can anyone help me or Is this tv just too old?
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It is too old to economically repair, however check around the chroma crystal.
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I agree with classicat.It's getting old.Electrolitic caps and other parts are starting to age and change values.You can use a can of chill spray and possibly isolate where the problem is.But repairing it could end up taking a lot of time and small parts.But you could always give it a shot.Might get lucky and just be some cold solder joints or only 1 or 2 caps.

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