RCA 27" TV problem


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Angry RCA 27" TV problem


I am checking here for help on the recommendation of a friend, as RCA has been less than helpful to put it politely.

I have a 27" RCA TruFlat SDTV, Model #27F634T that is a little over a year old... conveniently *just* out of warranty. It has worked perfectly for the time we've owned it, up until last week, when it decided to start turning itself off at random. Other than that, it still works perfectly. The sound and picture are just as good as when we bought it, it just turns itself off at random. And I do mean random... sometimes it will stay on for an hour or so, and sometimes it turns itself off after just a couple minutes. I can turn it right back on with no problems, using either the remote or the power button on the TV, and it will stay on for however long it decides, only to turn itself off when it (seems to) feel like it.

At first I thought it might be overheating, but that doesn't appear to be the case given the completely random amount of time it takes to turn itself off. I took the cover off, and blew the dust out of the heat sinks and off the circuit boards, with no effect. Only one of the heat sinks is getting "warm", but not hot enough to be an overheating component. I've also tried leaving the batteries out of the remote, as I've heard that dying batteries can cause a TV to turn itself on or off, but still no change. I looked at the underside off all three circuit boards to check for de-soldered components, but couldn't find anything.

Also, there's a tiny red surface mount LED on the circuit board that sits upright next to the mainboard. This LED isn't visible from the outside when the case is on, so I assume it's some sort of diagnostic LED for a repair tech. It stays on solid while the TV is "booting up". This is when the red power light on the front of the TV is blinking before any picture shows up on the TV. Once the power light on the front of the TV stays solid and the picture comes on, the LED on the aforementioned circuit board switches off, then starts to blink at random intervals after the TV has been on a few minutes. I timed it, and it sometimes blinks once after 10 seconds, 35 seconds, 31 seconds, 12 seconds, etc. Then it blinks a few times in a row *right* before the TV switches itself off. I checked the fuse on the mainboard, and it appears to be fine, which I would think the power on the TV wouldn't come on at all if the fuse was blown. I'm at a loss to figure out what's wrong with the thing, and the local repair shop wants $100 sight unseen just to look at it, and that's *with* me taking it to the shop myself. Then $49 an hour for labor, plus parts. That adds up to more than a new TV would cost by the time it's fixed, and we can't afford either option right now.

Oh...and there's also a momentary push button on the same circuitboard as the LED I mentioned. Pushing it makes the LED light up for roughly 10-12 seconds, but doesn't seem to do anything else.

Here's the information on the TV:
27" RCA TruFlat SDTV
Model #27F634T
Support-Chassis-Wide-ETC010-ATC010 1 (recycle symbol) 25838900-01C

And on another part of the chassis:


I hope the information helps, I would welcome *any* suggestions on how to fix my problem, and thank you in advance for your time and help.

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I've seen this problem before but it took days for it to shut off and once I took the back off it to find the problem it stopped shutting off.When the set was returned it took another month for it to act up again.The guy took it to a pawn shop so I never found the problem.
Your best bet is to keep using it untill it quits coming on.A tech will have a hard time to find a problem so intermitten.RCA no doubt knows of the problem,but no one has found the cause as of yet.
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20" RCA TruFlat SDTV, same problem

Recently, I started experiencing the same problem with my RCA. At times, I have had to pull the plug to stop it from turning on and off. In addition, once the tv is turned on it takes 30 minutes or more before the picture is clear. My tv is approximately one year old. It sounds like this is a common problem with this particular make and model. Time to contact the company directly. Meanwhile, if you get any answers/solutions, would you please post them here? Thank you.

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