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mp3 player

I have a classic chevy car with stock am/fm 8 track radio, Is there a way i can plug in a mp3 player and listen through the car speakers ?

I don't want to swap a new stereo in and take away from the stock appearance.
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There are wireless transmitters that can plug into your MP3 player, CD player, computer, ectÖ so you can play your portable music device over your car radio, home stereo. Itís a very low power FM transmitter; itís best to get one that you can select from many ( the more the better) frequencies ( some auto scan for an available frequency and display the frequency so you can tune your FM radio to it). These have become reasonably priced and are fairly effective; however most of them donít work very well in a location that has a lot of radio stations (IE a big city). It also has a tendency to be a nuisance if youíre traveling across country through many cities thusly crossing boundaries of several radio stations. However if you live and do most of your traveling in or rural or country region then that would probably be a good choice for you. I think you can pick up a pretty good one for about 30 to 80 US dollars.

This is a longshot because I donít know of any of these accessories that are made for a track players anymore. If you live in an area that has a lots of radio stations or a lots of other type of electromagnetic waves; then you will probably need an alternative. I have seen dummy cassettes that instead of having a tape have a magnetic player head to fool the tape player into thinking a tape is in your automotive cassette. I suspect they may have a similar device for eight track playerís.
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Most of the guys I know will install an updated stereo in the glove box or somewhere else so it's not visable yet you still have the quality sound you desire.

I've bought 3 differant brands of those transmitters and sometimes they're ok but most of the time it's like having it on a so so radio station.
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FM modulators ARE weak !!!
There is a device that is wired/attaches direct to antenna - this is an improvement.

(Fortunately my Garmin nuvi (1000 mp3s) plugs directly to my Solstice 'aux in' on radio face)
The difference is like night and day over the fm modulator.

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