Old Receiver Question


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Old Receiver Question

I recently purchased a HD Cable, Sony HDTV and a Blu-ray. I have an old receiver (SR-73 Marantz, circa 1993) that I used for surround sound prior to upgrading to an HD system. This receiver does not have a digital coax or optical input. Just the Red and White inputs labeled CD, VCR1, VCR2, etc. Is there any way to get surround sound out of my hd cable and blu-ray without upgrading my receiver, or am I SOL? Sorry for the newb questions, thanks for any and all help! Please be specific, I'm really new to this!
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Your old Marantz receiver is two channel stereo, so there is no way it can deliver anything more than it was designed for...two front channels of sound. No surround sound. That being said....you might be able to use it as a far better sound solution than your TV's built in speakers, IF your TV has the standard analog red/white audio outputs on it. Most new TV's no not have those...they rely on the digital outputs which are not compatible with your analog receiver. If the Blueray DVD player has the RCA white/red outputs, then your receiver would work for stereo sound with DVD's. As I have never owned a cable converter box, I'm unaware of what output options are provided on them.

Long story short....if you want the surround sound you've paid for....you will need a new surround sound receiver along with the necessary speakers.
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The Marantz is a Prologic surround, which has Left, Right, Center, and Rear amps. If the TV is capable of sending red & white audio out from the HDMI input, connect to the VCR1 input of the Marantz. It may or may not work, depending on how the program material on any given DVD is encoded. SD DVDs should play in surround, but BluRay may play only on the two main L&R speakers. There is also not a sub out from the receiver.

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