My Sony subwoofer has got 4 sets of IN puts How to connect to the amplifire?


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My Sony subwoofer has got 4 sets of IN puts How to connect to the amplifire?

My mini compo home theater unit does not have a subwoofer but it has got an option for to connect a subwoofer and very recently I have purchased a subwoofer and it has got 4 sets of IN puts at the rear end whereas the amplifire has got only one OUT pin plug for subwoofer and five pairs (R and L) OUT pin for to connect the sides and front speakers, now I got confused how to connect this subwoofer to the main unit cause I dont have any type of instructions at present.

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I'm guessing thats not the exact right sub for the system? I think you have a passive sub which usually is connected to both front channels. Your amp may be able to run that way, I had one that could use a powered or passive sub.

A powered sub would just use the one connection from the amp.

Check your manual for the componants. If you don't have the manuals, you should be able to find them at the manufacturers website.
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There are two ways to set up a sub. It depends on your amp.

Basically its whether you want to let the sub determine the crossover (what freq is played the sub and what goes to the speakers) or you want the receiver/amp determine that. IMHO, letting the receiver/amp do it is best but some don't do this.

They aren't 4 sets of inputs. You should have 4 corresponding OUTs on the sub, or there are 2 IN and 2 OUT, not 4 IN.
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Welcome to the forums, Roshan!

If the subwoofer plugs into the wall for power (a "Powered Sub"), use the receiver's sub output jack, which is probably an RCA connector. The sub will also have an identical RCA jack at its input. An RCA to RCA cable is all you need. If the sub has both Left & Right (L&R) RCA inputs, connect to the Left input and leave the Right input disconnected. Using the receiver's remote, set the subwoofer to "on".

If the subwoofer isn't powered (a "Passive Sub"), it probably has spring terminals similar to the speaker outputs on the back of the receiver. In this case, you'll need to disconnect the Main L&R speaker lines from the receiver and connect them to the corresponding output terminals of the sub. Pay close attention to the color codes of the wires. Connect two new speaker cables to replace the others between the receiver and the inputs of the sub. Using the receiver's remote, set the Subwoofer to "off" or "none". If the receiver has a menu setting for the size of your main speakers (Small, Medium, Large) select Large. (This puts a full-frequency signal to the L&R speakers. The sub will take what it needs and pass the rest on to your main L&R speakers.)

It would be helpful for us to answer more specifically if you could post the manufacturers and model numbers of the receiver and sub.
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I came looking for an answer to the same question. It appears that Rick Johnston has given an answer that is very close to my situation.

I have a Sony Receiver STR-DG720. I am connecting it to a Sony 40" Bravia Model KDL-40V3000. I have an existing set of Bose Acoustimass 3 Series IV speakers from 2001. The problem is how to connect the subwoofer to the receiver as the receiver has an RCA jack connection for the sub but the sub has no RCA plug. It is a passive sub with regular speaker wire spring connections. There are left and right input jacks from the receiver to the sub and left and right output jacks to the 2 cube speakers. The manual for the speakers can be found here, with a clear diagram of the system on page 6:

After reading your answer below again, I understand what you say about how to connect the sub and the speakers. However, you say to use the receiver's remote to set the sub to off or none. The remote does not seem to have such an option. The manual says to use the AFD setting on the remote if you have a sub with 2 channels, which is what I will have.

Do you have any further advice?
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Welcome to the forums, Zyoak!

It's on Page 47 of the manual. Go into the System menu and set SW SPK to "No".

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