good brand dvd recorder


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good brand dvd recorder

looking for a simple recorder just to record movies off satellite box, nothing fancy but good quality recordings...thanks for any input
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The picture and sound quality will be equal among any of the major brands you see in the stores. No need to spend more than $150. The research I would do would be (1) price, and (2) the customer service reviews of any given model.
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You need to watch out for some brands like APEX and similar...they work just fine..but their remotes and menus can be a little strange.
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thanks guys for the info. Have never owned a dvd recorder and just trying to experiment a little
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I bought one of the first Panasonic consumer grade DVRs about five years ago and it is still going strong. Since then I have bought two more Panasonic models, one a tape/dvd model and one with built-in TV Guide.

The unit with the TV Guide started giving me problems with the timed recording based upon the TV Guide information so I took it to my local authorized service center. They couldn't repair it, even with guidance from Panasonic and even though I had taken it in just a few days prior to the expiration of the one-year warranty, Panasonic offered to refund my full purchase price or replace it with the current similar model. I opted for the replacement unit and it has been just fine for two full years.

So for no other reason than their standing behind the warranty I would choose another Panasonic.

I would strongly suggest that you purchase a unit with a built-in hard disk drive rather than recording everything onto RW or RAM discs. Most hard disc drives will hold at least forty hours at standard play.
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I agree with furd on getting one with a hard disk.

I have a habit of waiting for technology to drop into my price bracket and recently saw a hard drive recorder that will also burn disks on sale for $200.00 cdn.
Many of these will allow you to pause a tv program if you are interupted.

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