Audio/Video Reciever help - Total Novice


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Audio/Video Reciever help - Total Novice

I will preface this with teh fact that I am total novice and the more i look at Receivers, the more I don't understand them.

I am looking to buy a receiver that I can wire up 2 outdoor speakers to and connect my Ipod to (in addition to being a surround sound receiver for my tv)

I dont need 7.1 surround. 5.1 will suffice.

Obviously, I would not want the tv sound coming out of my outdoor speakers.

Does that make sense? Any recommendations or at least tell me the tech specs that I should be looking for?



PS. I am not loking to drop more than $500 on this...I am quite happy at entry level even less if possible!
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Quite a few of the 7.1 receivers can be configured for dual-zone operation. Zone 1 would be your interior 5.1 surround, and Zone 2 would feed your outdoor speakers.

The Denon AVR-1709 is a good example. In fact, the street price is around $300.
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Sorry for my tardiness in saying thank you!

For some reason logging into the site has been hit and miss for me.

I went ahead and bought the Denon for 189.99 yesterday, along with an Ipod dock.

For some reason though I thought that pluggin up my outdoor speakers to the 2nd zone would be as easy as connecting wires.

Alas, my ignorance.

Instructions say a "Pre Main Amp (integrated) should be connected to the multi zone". (the connections seem to be component connections).

What the heck is a pre main amp (integrated)???? and does this mean the ipod dock should connect to this or the denon???

Again, apologies, I am very much at the begining of my learning curve

One further question

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