Are we headed for fiber optic in the house?

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Are we headed for fiber optic in the house?

My new house construction has passed rough, and the only item holding up stucco/insul/drywall is the low voltage wiring. Work is paused for me to pull all the structured wiring (CAT 6 & RG6). FTTH will be here before long, and although I know that theyll interface with my copper when they get here - Im trying to build some future-proofing into my install.

Is it likely that well need fiber optic in our houses in 10 years? 15? Which will go first, the CAT 6 or the coax? Ive gone to a lot of trouble to get 100% of the wiring concealed, so Id pull fiber optic cable now if I knew what to put in. In an effort to make cable upgrades possible in the future, Im leaving empty low voltage boxes & flex (w/pull string) in place at many locations.

Are there any areas where people are starting to pull fiber optic cable in residential projects? If not, what are they doing for future upgrades?
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As far as wiring now for what will be needed 10 to 15 years out, been there/done that and it was all for not. Technology is moving too fast and getting faster all the time. Best thing to do is run pvc conduit everywhere you think it may be needed.

On many of the commercial jobs, they use a channel system for ac, alarms, data, and telco, but haven't seen that step in residential.

As far as fiber in the homes, I thought it was already sop, and I live in the sticks. Our telco installed fiber in the streets 20 years ago. NYC was pulling out copper for fiber 30 years ago. I don't think you will have to wait 10 or 15 years.

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will you need fiber? no

can you use fiber? you can use it now if you want to invest in the equipment.

Near me Verizon (the local phone provider) got in this big fiber to the curb kick (Fios) With the economy and all, it has not paid off yet.

Even if you have fiber to the curb, unless you have equipment that can use such a connection directly, you will have to utilize a transceiver to convert to copper in the house which is the current situation anyway for fiber to the curb.

but anyway, you can run fiber within your house but honestly, there is no need for it.
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I agree with pulling in both Cat 6 and RG 6 cabling. Around here, the cable TV company is transitioning from coaxial to Cat 6. Currently, analog cable is via RG 6 but if you want digital and/or HD, then you need Cat 6 pulled in. I foresee the cable company going to entirely digital in the not too distant future, obsoleting the coax. Our telecommunications is already fiber to the house, with the interface transitioning the fiber optic to either standard analog coax or digital via Cat 6 to a set top box. But I think there's still a case for installing coaxial cables, because if you decide to go back to antenna or satellite, then coax will be necessary.

But no, I don't see fiberoptic distribution throughout the house coming anytime soon, and even if it comes, what will be the acceptable cabling standard for that?
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The ISP over in North Carolina, I think it is Verizon, runs fiber optic to your house or business, but it is from overhead (go figure). What they are wanting is a mounting media for their equipment and your wiring to your drop outs. I have installed a couple, and they only need a 2x2 piece of 3/4" plywood, but it will need to remain exposed.
I am like the others, with the expense of bringing it to the residence, is it worth it? I live about 3/4 mile from the main road, and I ain't paying $5 per foot for a fiber optic drop. I'll stay with DSL and they can kiss my grits.
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Flex (Smurf Tube) with pull strings are the hedge against changes in the future. Pull it to every drop in the house.

Cat 3 for telephone will likely be obsolete in a few years as more & more providers offer VOIP, so Cat 6 is a good idea right now for the phone drops.

Cat5e is being phased out as gigabit networks become more common. A couple of our suppliers don't even offer it anymore, and most new commercial wiring is using Cat6.

Home-runs of RG6 are still viable. Considering the use-life of a new TV (which all have F connectors), they'll be around for at least another ten years.

Fiber into the home is happening now, but it stops at the demarc. I wouldn't put any fiber in the walls today, but who's to say what will happen 15 years from now?
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I think the best idea is to have a drop ceiling between the floors. That way you could run anything to the upper floor (baseboard jack style), fish anything easily into the lower floor interior walls, and if you really had to put something on an exterior wall in the lower floor.. you can run a surface raceway in the corner.

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