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I am having numerous problems with my 10 year old Sony XBR. Its currently setup to run via the video input. Lately, after the TV is turned on for less than 5 min., it would make a loud bass sound and the picture would disappear. When I quickly do the off/on thing, the picture is still not there. But if a wait about 1/2 hour, then turn on the TV, it would run OK for a few minutes before it dies again. In the past, I had been able to smack the TV a few times and it seem to worked but lately, the smacking and even the hard pounding does not work. I am tempted to donate it to Letterman.

The volume suffers similar problem, which had begun even before the picture problem. I can live with the that though as I run a line directly from the VCR to the stereo system.

I should point out that when the TV is running during the first few minutes, the picture quality is fine.

Any help from the members or even non-members would be very much appreciated.

One more thing, in getting into the inside of the TV set, should it be opened from the front, ie, take out the screws that is holding the TV screen???

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First off, always approach the electronics of a television set from the rear. Do not take off the front because it will net you nothing but having a picture tube in your lap.

Second, the problem sounds like Low Voltage Power Supply. The "smacking" around seems to indicate a possible solder connection problem. While SONY makes great television sets, I have not been happy with the quality of their printed circuit boards in consumer equipment.

Third: if you are a novice, stay out of the back of the set. It isn't like the old days where you could reach in and change a tube. The systems are more complex, the voltages are higher (40 KV on the picture tube), and circuit board technology is not something you can "shotgun" with a 1000 watt Weller Soldering Gun.

Suggest you find a find someone with a knowledge of electronics. The box is a good one and would be worth the effort to do a fix.


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