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Subject is a 32" RCA about 5 yrs. old...
Picture will shrink from top to bottom to about 1/3 normal size the other 2/3 being replaced by blackness equally on top and bottom. Side to side is normal. Intermittent however, is getting worse. What is the possible cause and about how much is it gonna cost to repair?? A good rap on the box will temporarily bring it back to normal for a few minutes. This is too much exercise for me!!!!
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One of two things is happening and it would help to know if you start with a full picture and then lose vertical height. If you start with a full picture and lose height, I would look to two areas. First, the vertical driver circuit. It has a capacitor feedback circuit on the vertical driver and the capacitor may be going bad under heat. Second spot to look is the low voltage power supply. Again, a filter capacitor in the power supply may be failing causing the power supply to supply insufficient voltage to the vertical driver. In the older sets, it would cause a problem with width of the picture, also, but the newer sets do not have the width problem.
In worst case, it could be a deflection yoke (a transformer on the neck of the picture tube) that is going bad. This is rare these days but more commonplace in the older sets.

Costs? It depends on your area. It seems that technician costs run about $225 an hour and this fix will take a minimum of an hour (and then there are parts). Check around, get some estimates based on the information I have given you.

TV sets are a throw away these days and the old TV repair shops no longer exist. The folks that repair your TV set these days are more involved in other aspects of audio-visual equipment (ie: graphics projectors, etc) and most will not even talk to you about a TV repair. Weigh the costs of repair against purchasing a new set. Assuming you paid about $700 for the set new, a five year run cost you $140 a year in entertainment. If you pay $300 to fix the set, you still have a five year old set and the other problems are yet to happen.

Sorry I couldn't be more positive on this problem. My advice is to get some estimates and made a decision based on cost versus time.


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