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My 50" Big Screen TV's picture went out. I called a repair man out, and after looking at it he said that I needed a new "main board" or "high voltage board". It was going to cost $360, so I said I would wait on that. Can I buy this part somewhere, and replace it myself? Someone please help me save $360.
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Can you purchase the part? More than likely it is available through and Electronics Parts Wholesaler but you would have to have the part number of the item for reference.
Zenith no longer has its own wholesale outlet stores like the old days.

Can you change it yourself? I doubt it. It is quite complex and it is not something that you just "plug in" like the old vacuum tubes. And, frankly, I am surprised you found a repairman to work on it. Their ranks are getting pretty thin these days and would bet that the TV Repairman will go the way of the blacksmith.

Sorry I couldn't be more positive. If someone has other information, the forum is open.

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Question update.

What did you end up doing with your TV? I need to replace the 'converegence board' in my big screen Zenith, and I'm not following bad money with good. So, the company that replaced it 6 months ago, warrantied the part, and I can either write it all off, or attempt to perform surgery myself.
Too bad Zenith went out of business, because I would like to protest by saying that I'll NEVER buy anything again from, I have no choice but to say that, and I don't get the same pleasure, either.

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