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I have a 27" Zenith that is not new bit by no means old! (Meaning I don't remember how long I've had it...7 years tops!)It seems that things have a shorter and shorter life span.
It keeps turning itself off. You hear a click...and off it goes. Sometimes you can watch it for hours...other times minutes. Sometimes you can turn it right back on...other times not. I am tired of being ripped off by repairmen and hope that someone can tell me whether it's worth it to repair it...or should I give up and buy a new one? (Not my favorite option!)

What's a girl to do????????????????????????
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Just one question: have you put new light source in the room recently. Since the remote control is Infra-Red (light), a light source foreign to the area may be triggering the system.

Get back to me on this one.


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