Wireless DVD player


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Wireless DVD player

I have been looking around online for a new DVD player (ours is old and is starting not to work all the time) and have come across some wireless models. I have a Vizio HD TV.

I have a wireless network set up for my home now. I set the DVD player to play movies I have on my home pc? If so, what do I need?

If I understand correctly, I can set up netflix and download movies, view Hulu, stream other movies. But what about movies saved on my pc? And if I do play them off the pc can I pause, rewind, fast forward, etc? I thought about hooking the pc up to the tv via a HDMI cable but the pc is in another room and I don't want to run a cable through the house or move the pc.

Also, can I put a password on some of the files or folders that the tv would have access to? ( I am thinking that I would be able to access anything on the network that is shared and I don't want my kids to have access to every movie, just the kids movies)

FYI I have burned some recently, but my player does not always want to play them. My mother-in-laws portable seems to play them just fine. That is newer. If I could pull them from the pc, I would not need to burn.
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Although I'm sure there may be models that would do that..or there are other ways to get them to work like that, it's not exactly the way most of them are setup as I understand. I'm sure if you want to spend $500 there may be some that can be networked the way you want.

I just got a Sony a few months back and went with a wired model as I didn't want to enable my wireless, but a step up would have the wireless function. I can't play movies from my PC to it. It doesn't function that way..it just looks for the Internet, not all the devices on the network. Think of the player as a really dumb internet only PC that can only connect to certain websites. As of last week, I guess Sony still hasn't worked out a deal with Hulu cause it's still not an option on mine. It's all a software thing, if they work out an agreement I'll get an alert that an update is available.

I've got Netflix, YouTube and a few others as options, but thats pretty much it...of course it will play discs and all, but for Internet content, that's all. No options to play from my PC or anything.

As I said..there may be units that have that capability...but there may be a cheaper stand alone option than a real high end player.

Also...might want to read this thread on Netflix...http://forum.doityourself.com/entert...sung-hdtv.html just for a little more info on the Netflix streaming.

EDIT: I did a little more research and I have to retract the part about streaming from the PC. You need to look for a DLNA compliant player and yes, you can then stream audio and video from a networked PC. Maybe I should go check mine out...lol. Though we have nothing to stream on our main PC except music.

Also...I guess I should have read better. You said DVD...I'm doubting any DVD players will have all the current features like you mention, since BlueRay is becoming more the standard. They will all play DVD of course.

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since my post I have found a few players that do what I want. Now I am wondering hoe they work with windows 7. I have found one so far that does not, but it took alot of digging to find if it would or not.
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another approach

you could always get a Westen Digital Live TV box, get a USB wifi adapter for it ( certain models work with it ) and then stream from you PC to through the WD Live TV to the Vizio via HDMI, component or composite outputs of the WD Live TV.

Mine streams from a 2 Tb Seagate external HD , but can stream over my network from any other computer, including wireless ( since I run the WD direct to the ethernet port )
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You might want to look into game consoles too, they seem to have a few networking options and include DVD players.

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