Will 6 ohm speakers play on 8 ohm receiver?


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Will 6 ohm speakers play on 8 ohm receiver?

Thanks in advance for your reponse. I like a set of speakers that is 6 ohm and a receiver that is 8 ohm. Will they work together properly?
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They will probably work okay but you must be careful not to turn up the volume too high.

Normally you can use speakers with a little higher impedance than the amplifier (like 16 ohm speakers on an 8 ohm amp) but not with a significantly lower impedance (like 4 ohm speakers on an 8 ohm amp)

If you have enough speakers of the same kind, you can connect two speakers in series (12 ohms) for each amplifier channel and then there would be no problems at all.

Do not connect two amplifier channels to the same speaker or group of speakers.
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...or you could install matching transformers on each channel to maximize power transfer, but the series config is the easiest solution. Also, I would check the specs of your receiver to see if it can handle a 6 ohm load. Like AllanJ said, if you don't turn it up too loud, you should be ok. The receiver will run a little hotter, so make sure there is adequate ventilation.
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The problem with transformers is they don't present a consistent impedance across the frequency bandwidth. At 60Hz they start to look like a dead short to the amp.

What't the make & model of the amp?

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