Minor or major repair?

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Hi there!

I have a JVC tv about 5 years old. A horizontal white line would appear in the middle of the tv. At 1st if you gave the side of the tv a small tap the picture would return but it became increasingly worse until finally the screen went black with a line through the middle. We still had sound though.

I'm wondering if it is probable that it is the picture tube? And if so - is it very expensive to replace or would it be more worthwhile to buy the big 27" my husband is dying to get ( with picture in picture, of course! Ha! Ha! Then he'll never miss a game!)?

It would seem a shame to not fix it since it is not that old but I don't want to put alot of money into it if there is a good chance it will happen again.

Any suggestions?

Thank you & Merry Christmas!
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Good Afternoon, Tool Trace:
I apologize for not answering this post sooner. I've been off on holiday with the rest of the motoring public.

I've seen this problem before on a similar set. The problem usually turns out to be a bad solder connection on the driver circuit board of the television set.

How to fix it? If you are electronically adaptable, you take off the back of the television set. You turn on the set with the electronics exposed. You take a wooden or plastic wand and "probe the board" looking for a sensitive spot in an around the vertical oscillator or vertical output stage. When you find the sensitive spot, the picture will collapse to the white line. You turn off the set and unplug it. You expose the soldering side of the circuit board. Using a low-heat soldering iron and a roll of 60-40 electronic solder, you resolder all connections in the area of the "sensitive spot".

Then, you put the set back together. Turn it on and the problem should go away.

Or you can pay someone a bunch of money to come out and do the same thing. The results are the same.

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No vertical deflection, intermittant.
Your high voltage is ok,
Now your can do all the previous person mentioned, if you are not familier with the circuit layout, you may not have a clue what part of the circuit has to do with the vertical. If you have the schmatics or circuit layout drawing that may help you. Remember with the back of the tv opened up and the tv on, no children around you, and be very alert to what you are doing, there are high voltages in there, and while you are probing with a plastic or wooden stick make sure the back of your hand doesn't brush against anything. Also my advise , probe with one hand only , not with another hand touching the chasis, if you touch the chasis and something is brushed with the other hand, you just provided a electrical route thru the heart, with one hand , it is a tad safer. Also some things can hold a charge even after the tv is turned off. You might be able to find a problem as the other person mentioned with so called probing, but there could also be a heat sensitive component in the tv, sometimes an air gun, or a special cooling air spray (can be bnought) to spray over suspected components to temporary cool it down, and see if the vertical at least temporary comes back might pinpoint the problem. If you are not knowledgeable with working with circuit boards, then perhaps it is best left with the professionals, to replace the tv.
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Good Afternoon, dkerr:
All good advice but above the average repair person. A wooden or plastic wand can be used to probe the circuit board for a "sensitive" area. No danger here unless the person actually touches the board and becomes a part of the circuit.

Most folks won't make the effort to check for a cold solder joint. I've made this same explanation before, heard from folks that they hired a tech, he did exactly what I said to do, made exactly the repair I offered, and fixed the set. Some folks are electronically oriented and will do this for themselves. Others will not. On this forum, we cannot predict the person or their expertise. We can only offer solutions from a technical standpoint and let the person make the decision as to who does it for them.


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