Question about which antenna to get to receive a signal 50 miles away.

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Question about which antenna to get to receive a signal 50 miles away.

Hello. I have a SDTV Tuner brand name is Magnavox, which I use to receive local TV stations. The current antenna I have is just the normal rabbit ears from Wal-Mart. I was wondering if there is anyway to get TV Stations like I used before a few years back before all the converter box transformation to all TVs. I live in Lafayette, IN and I used to get all the channels in Indianapolis, Indiana which is about 50 miles away. Which my SDTV Tuner and rabbit ear antenna I can only get 1 Channel WLFI (18.1) & Weather Radar Only Channel (18.3). I guess my questions are:

1. Do I have the right converter box?
2. What type of antenna would I need to get those TV stations 45-50 Miles Away. (Indiana is flat and no tall building around where I live)
3. Is it possible to get a indoor antenna that powerful? I live in a 2 story house and I don't want to climb on my roof in the middle of winter

Thanks in advance for any sort of help from DIY community.
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Welcome to the forums.

Many people mount a roof-style antenna in the attic. If all of the stations' transmitters are located in the same general direction you won't need it to rotate. From that distance, though, height is your friend.

Check out AntennaWeb to see what they recommend.
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You could be too far away - analog signals faded with increasing distane but the digital signals are more 'all or nothing' in that if you don't get a good signal, you may see no picture at all. As Rick said, the higher you can mount your antenna, the better.

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