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Could any one tell me how or if I can hook up speakers to my tv set? I'm sure there's a way but what kind of wire do I need? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know I'm being vague (What kind of speakers? What kind of TV?) but any basic info would help. Thanks.
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Well what type of TV do you have? Newer ones have RCA jacks on the back of the set to go into an ampifier of some type. If there are no jacks the TV cannot be hooked to speakers. Well they can but the set's audio amp may not be able to handle the speakers. Even set's with the RCA jacks must be used with an external amp.
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Hey, Mike:

Here's what folks are doing in our area. Radio Shack sells a neat little device called a "Speaker-to-Line" adapter. Actually, it is a matching transformer and it costs about $20.

Folks are screwy about sound these days and television sound is FM. Using the adapter, they wire the speaker line directly to a good stereo amplifier. If the TV is stereo, then there are two adapters and two lines going to the amplifier.

An amplifier (with tone controls or equalizer) will enhance television sound tremendously. Put a good set of speakers on the amp and you have great "presentation". Speakers? Dollar for dollar, pound for pound, I prefer JBL. But, Radio Shack sells a full line of speakers for a decent price.

It's no secret that the industry has spent millions of dollars to provide a decent television picture to the viewing public. But, they have spent zero dollars to provide a decent sound system. Now that new systems are finally providing decent sound, a lot of folks want to make their old systems work better. And, this is how they are doing it.

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One thing to add if your TV doesn't have RCA outputs. Almost all VCR's do. So if your running a cable box into a VCR then use the RCA outputs on the VCR into Your Reciever and then set your Reciever to VCR and you'll have sound.
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if you tap into the speakers on the tv itself, (not saying that is the best idea or not) bear in mind , not all tv's have a isolation transformer, the cheaper tv's may not ? I can't say which ones do and which ones do not. Some tv's have one side of the line on parts of interior chasis or grounds, if there is an power isolation transformer , nothing to worry about. But lets say it doesn't, you might get away with it anyway is there is no metal on your exterior add-on speakers , but if it is , there is a potential shock hazard here. Now your perticular tv may or may not be a problem in this regard. Apart from that you also have such things as impedance matching to be concerned about, impendance can change depending on the tv audio outputs, how you conenct to it, series or parrawell (sp)with the internal speakers or internal speakers disconnected ?


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