mp3 player that doesn't rely on an ipod and doesn't have a battery


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mp3 player that doesn't rely on an ipod and doesn't have a battery

want to open my front door, flip on a switch, and have music play immediately

radio works great but what if you flip on the switch and it's running either a commercial or a crappy song.
cds won't immediately start playing without hitting a separate button and undergoing a wait of a few seconds.
ipod doesn't work because then I have to carry it over and stick it in.
most mp3 players don't work because when i flip the switch off it's still playing due to the darn battery that I can't remove without breaking wires.

thus far the only thing fitting the bill is a cassette deck but I'd rather not go there

looking for an mp3 player that I can just load tunes onto and turns on/off in sync with the power switch

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I don't know of any mp3 players that will play immediately on power up. My only suggestion would be to leave it running 24/7 in random-play or repeat mode on an ipod dock. The dock will charge the battery. Use a relay to turn the audio off and on with the power switch (but keep the dock on a separate always-on power source).

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