Old Magnavox AM/FM Radio - Turntable.

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Old Magnavox AM/FM Radio - Turntable.

I found this old Magnavox sitting on the side of the road a few weeks ago, and had to snatch it up before the rain came in.

Took it home, plugged it up, and it worked!
Most of it.

The AM/FM part of it works just fine. A bit of static but it works. The turntable is busted.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience mounting new turntables in pieces like this. I'll take a picture of the thing and put it up here soon.
I would really like to have something to play all my old vinyls on that my dad gave me.

Should I do a total overhaul on the thing? Like new tuner, speakers, turntable. Or try to make it work from the parts I have sitting around. I'm really not opposed to either. Just have to take it rather slowly due to costs.
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I'd really hesitate to put any old vinyl on one of those all in one type units...even if you get it working. I've seen them peel shavings off the records.

If it's really old with a steel (or whatever they were made of) needle...no way!

If it's new enough to have "aux in" jacks...get a separate turntable.
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I was thinking about getting something like this
Audio-Technica: AT-LP60 Automatic Turntable + Pre-Amp — TurntableLab.com
and putting it where the old turntable used to be. I'm pretty sure the old one is beyond repair. Granted I know nothing about wiring.

But, my main problem is the AM/FM radio. I really like the look of the old vintage style knobs and the old chrome.
I was wondering if I should keep this tuner, or try to swap out for a new one. The speakers are already getting changed so, we don't have to worry there.

I guess my real question is simply this.
Would it be easier to rebuild this thing with 21st century product, or try to repair it. Well... easier and cheaper.
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The turn table is most likely fixable. The platter should spin freely by hand if not you will need to take the platter off and replace the dried up lube/grease that probably turned to glue that is an easy fix unless the spindle motor is bad (If the motor is bad I would replace the turntable)
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If the radio portion still works quite well (no unusual hum or static or squeals), it probably is working as well as it did when new.

A common problem with turntables of that vintage is biodegrading of rubber wheels and rollers and belts.

Inexpensive turntables may not be able to use the newest ultralight cartridges. Simply decreasing the tracking force can cause increased record damage if the tone arm bearings are not free enough. You may find information on the Internet about the tracking force range for the existing cartridge. The middle of that range is probably the best for the tone arm. More than four grams and you should seriously consider not reusing the old turntable except for 78 RPM records.
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Man does that picture bring back old memories, the top slide back to cover all its goodies. Fine furniture with some electronics hidden inside.
Those turn tables are fixable. Might not be as bad as you think. However records are real time and
you have to get up and down a lot to change records. Why not clean up the turntable and make it
a project to repair but also install a input jack for a MP3 player or a Ipod. That way you have the good things about both. Looks of old,maybe a working turn table,AM,FM stereo and with a input
jack completely modern sources for newer stuff.
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I have this exact same unit but the turntable is gone. Trying to I stall another but cannot figure out the wiring. The top of my wiring diagram inside the unit is missing. Any way you could post a pic of that diagram?
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Welcome to the forums.

The original poster hasn't been back here in two years. You could try sending them a PM.

What wiring do you have there that you can't identify ?

Most old setups like that had a white nylon plug with three wires and two shielded wires with RCA plugs on them.

Perhaps a picture of your wiring.

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